North-End Planned Development (NPD) Zoning District Ordinance
​(AKA Gator's) 

HCI, the developers of the Gator's property, own two parcels of land, the smaller one on the west side of Gulf Blvd is zoned Resort Facilities High-50 and the larger one on the east side of Gulf Blvd, most of which is zoned Commercial General, carries a limit of 22 tourist dwelling units per acre.  The city-wide building height limit allows for construction to a maximum height of 62 feet (five stories of dwelling space over one story of parking).  HCI, Mayor Minning, and City Manager Reid Silverboard want to rezone the Commercial General portion of this property to Resort Facilities High which would allow 500 tourist dwelling units (10 acres X 50 units per acre) on that site! However, even that is not enough for them, they are searching for ways to increase the density of that property to allow for 60, 75, or 100 units per acre!  At 100 units per acre that would work out to 1,000 tourist dwelling units (10 acres X 100 units per acre).  Keep in mind that tourists don't visit Treasure Island alone, they bring a spouse or friend and several children so the number of individual people in those units could easily reach several thousand more people (and cars!) on Treasure Island than what is here now -- and that's just on one project!  Mayor Minning and Reid Silverboard also want to increase heights and densities all along the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico!  If Treasure Island's registered voters don't stop them our worst fears will be realized -- we will become Sand Key!

Concerns & Impacts

Our infrastructure cannot handle the strain that rezoning properties from a classification of Commercial General with a dwelling limit of 22 units per acre to Resort Facilities High and a desired dwelling limit of 100 units per acre would place on them.

Quality of Life 

When driving, shopping or even going to the beach becomes unpleasant, difficult or impossible because too many people and cars are trying to fit into too small of an area the quality of life for everyone is reduced.

A Real-Life Example

Sign Our Petition 

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Sensible Limits

Height and density limits were instituted because the people of Treasure Island didn't want to live in a mass of densely populated high-rises.

retain height and density limits

Our position is simple.  No increases in building height or dwelling density limits anywhere on Treasure Island.  Period.  

We don't want to see Our Treasure Island turned into Sand Key! 

A Real-Life Meeting

T-Shirts Available

Wear to meetings and around town! 

We have t-shirts available!  These shirts are a great way to raise awareness for our cause everywhere you go!  You can wear them to meetings at city hall, when running errands around town, or when going for walks in the neighborhood.  

​To order a t-shirt, call Marty or Jackie with Not Just Another T-Shirt Shop at (727-365-4040).  They are fellow Treasure Island residents whose T-Shirt shop is on Maderia Way, a couple of doors West of the Bronze Lady.  They are great to work with and very accommodating!  The shirts come in white, safety orange, or safety green (these are very bright, neon colors!).  The shirts sell for $10 each and they accept credit cards.  Marty and Jackie have the graphics files on hand already and can probably print up your order within a day or two of placing it. 

Get The Message Out

Upcoming Events

Meetings and Things 

TI Local Planning Agency (LPA) Meeting 

Working on new Planned Development Ordinance

TI City Hall 120 108th Ave, Treasure Island 
​Thursday, Sept. 11,  following the Planning & Zoning Meeting at 2:00 P.M. 

Architectural Renderings

Kingfish Pointe 

A picture is worth a thousand words! 

Despite repeated statements that there are no plans for developing the Gators and Rock House properties "Kingfish Pointe" does have not only architectural renderings but also a scale model. 

Don Mastry

Greenleaf Capital's Land Use Attorney 

Click the image on the right to view a video of Greenleaf Capital's land use attorney, Don Mastry, as he addresses the LPA.  Pay particular attention to his comments where he states,  

“…a world class flag hotel cannot be attracted to this site if the project is limited to the present density and height limitations of Treasure Island …” “…we feel a PD ordinance which increases the density and height over the limits that exist now will be defeated by the voters if they don’t have a specific project to vote on…”

Legal Opinion Received 

Mayor Minning's eMail (dated 3-MAY-14 1:38pm) 

​"As a result of his opinion, I have requested that the NPD item be pulled from the agenda.  If there is no further Commission action, the proposed Ordinance will become moot.I anticipate that there will be further discussion as to where we go from here.  NO time or place or agenda has been developed.  All parties will be kept fully updated as this develops to assure that there is ample opportunity for input and discussion.Please let me know if you have any questions.